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Interviews, Podcasts, and Shows

I’ve been fortunate enough to share my ideas with so many people on a variety of platforms.  Below are links to all of the interviews that I’ve given to date.  Enjoy, these are chockfull of great tips for your business!

Fireside America | Ryan Robbins and Andrew Zihmer

Ryan and I sit down and discuss as entrepreneurs what it is like to raise a family, working hard for yourself, digital marketing, email marketing, and other topics.  Available to watch and listen with the links below!

Marketing and Coffee | Andrew Lenzo and Andrew Zihmer

We discuss the ins and outs of marketing, from Lenzo’s role at an agency and mine within the firm.  Further we get into goal setting and how to be our best self.

Center Stage | John Hinson and Andrew Zihmer

John and Andrew dive into why to utilize systems, how to develop processes, and the benefits to your law firm and business when you do this.  We spend time in how systems allow you to sale your firm.

We've Got a Problem | Andrew Wallace and Andrew Zihmer

We spend time talking about starting businesses, taking risks, and utilizing repeatable actions through processes for explosive growth.  Additionally, we talk about what it is like to work with your spouse and having them as a business partner.

You're Not Qualified | Courtney Heitter and Andrew Zihmer

Courtney and Andrew talk about everything from quiet quitting, training dogs, to what it means to step out of your comfort zone.  This exciting interview is focused on Entrepreneurship, taking risks, and how to be your best self.